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Medical Dep

Medical Services

  • Burn and Scald Center Major Events:
    • The Burn and Scald Wards were upgrade to Burn and Scald Center by Department of Health in May 2001
    • Signed to be the appointed hospital of Children Burns Foundation in May 2001.
    • The Center has a skin bank with pigskin, various arti-ficial skins and synthetic skins available.
    • The Center has the state-of-the-art white rooms, hy-dropath rooms, operation rooms, reception rooms and sunrooms, etc.
    • We have a team of professional nursing staffers, social workers, rehabilitation staffers, dieticians and neu-rologists.
  • Cosmetology Center: The medical laser cosmetology applies to the following symptoms:
    • Tattoos
      Professional tattoos: Body tattoos
      Amateur tattoos: Removal of eyebrow paintings (eye-brow cleaning) and eye lines
      Tattoos by traumas: The pigment residue after the heal-ing of traumas on the skins.
    • Pigment Pathological Changes
      Nevus zygomaticus Freckles, Nevus of Ota, Melanocytic nevus, coffee spots, aging spots and inflammation pigment over residue
    • Hair Removal
      Little beard, armpit hair, hand hair and leg hair, etc. of women -Sports Medicine Center Goal: To aggressively take care of sports injuries in the armed forces, improve the competence of orthopedics, enhance the academic researches of the Hospital and use the research manpower effectively.


  • Excellent sports medicine clinical services: We provide function rehabilitation by sports injury protectionists making physical therapy.
  • Department-integrated sports medicine researches: The Center is working with National College of Physical Education and Sports and other colleges. The cur-rent experiments include sense of equilibrium, sports cardiopulmonary functions, isokinetic assessment training and proprioceptive sensory test, etc. Each month, we hold research symposium and invite guests for lectures.
  • Innovated peripheral sports medicine services: To stimu-late our staffers to exercise and improve the body fitness, we have professional teachers instructing aerobatic dance and staffers shall use various equipment under the guidance of instructors.
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