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The Department was established in February 1996. To meet the requirement of people in southern Taoyuan County and armed forces on neurology services, we have now clinics for general adults, children mental health in-somnia, 24-hour emergency treatment of neurology, 75 beds for short-term acute symptoms, 50 beds for daytime rehabilitation and 70 beds for chronic rehabilitation. The center employs many neurology doctors, profes-sional clinical psychologists, social workers and occupa-tional therapists to form this excellent team.

In addition to the common mental diseases such as schizophrenia, manic-depressive psychosis, melancholia, phobia, obsessive-compulsive disorder, environment adaptation disorder and other various neuroses, we also provide insomnia treatments to insomnia and other problems, which bother people. We try to solve the problems by various kinds of mental treatments, mar-riage counseling, biology feedback treatment, relaxation treatment, recognition behavior treatment, and photo therapy.

To meet the requirement of neighboring people on psy-chological evaluation and counseling on children and youths, the Mental Health for Children and Youths not only provide intelligence and mental evaluations, there are also exclusive children psychologists responsible for mental consultation and mental and behavioral treat-ments. The wards for acute diseases shall accommodate acute neurosis patients and those who commit suicide as well as alcohol addicts having mental problems.

The Hospital aims to serve the neighboring people. Therefore, the development of the Department is also based on the promotion of mental treatments of the community. We emphasize on the hospitalization treatment of acute diseases and develop daytime reha-bilitation wards to help the rehabilitation of occupational functions. In addition to the Shui Geng Work Shop, Car Wash Work Shop and Working Shop, we work together with the factories in the community and transfer the pa-tients to the factories for vocational training. In the fu-ture, we will work toward the psychology health center in the community to improve the mental health in the community from the current treatment orientation to re-duce the mental diseases.

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