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White Paper


Our business concept has always been “to provide humanitarian medical services of high quality.” Wit the service as our priority, we are doing our best to protect the health of soldiers as well as the public with the efforts of all the staff at the Hospital.

The Hospital boasts outstanding medical standards with a full range of clinics, including internal medicine, surgery, orthopedics, gynecology, pediatrics, neurology, otolaryngology, ophthalmology, dentistry, and physical rehabilitation, etc. 750 beds are available and, if neces-sary, we are able to expand to more than 1,000 beds. We are a regional teaching hospital approved by Department of Health. Not only do we take care of the health of the armed force and the family members with excellent medical equipment and provide the public in Taoyuan, Hisnchu and Miaoli with medical services, we are also a team with quick response to serious disasters. “Re-specting Our Clients” is the goal of our services. In ad-dition to constantly upgrading our expertise, our staffers are earnest and feel pity with dedication and persistence when taking care of the patients. In the meantime, we emphasize on information management to provide with medical services of high quality.

We will, based on the above concepts, provide you with a medical environment of high efficiency and quality. Your comments and encouragement will be welcomed to make up do a better job.


To be the guardian of medical care for the “whole peo-ple” of soldiers and the public.
Our culture: warmth, innovation and efficiency

Patients’ rights & obligation


  • You can receive good medical services and avoid medical hazards in a safe medical environment.
  • You can obtain correct and complete medical informa-tion, including your own condition, diagnosis, development of curing process, treatment plan and con-sultation on medicine.
  • You can accept or refuse checkup items and methods of cure suggested by doctors.
  • You can participate in the process and policy making in diagnosis and medical care and give your opinions and state your requirements and discuss them with medical care personnel.
  • Regarding medical care and services, if you have spe-cial demand because of background of language, relig-ion, culture, customs, and habit, the hospital will do its ut-most to provide suitable medical care services especially tailored to your needs.
  • Your privacy will be honored and protected.
  • You can have your own copies of various checkup re-ports, diagnosis documents and excerpts of medical re-cord, etc. through application.
  • Should you have difficulty in paying medical expenses, we are willing to direct you in detail to channels or information which may be helpful.
  • The hospital has installed special phone no. to handle complaints. The phone no. is (03)4801601. The hall at outpatients department, various wards and the website of the hospital have all installed superintendent’s letter box. Should you have any complaint regarding medical services, you can file a complaint at any time. This will not jeopardize your medical rights in any way. We wel-come your suggestions.


  • We hope that we can actively provide information to medical care personnel your health condition, past his-tory of illness, allergy sources, history of allergy and other relevant information.
  • We hope that you understand the danger or damage before making decision to turn down or accept reatment.
  • We hope that you respect specialty and do not ask medical care personnel to provide false information or diagnosis documents.
  • We hope that you heed doctor’s advice in executing the cure process and relevant care which you have agreed with.
  • We hope that you can understand that there is uncer-tainty or limit to medical care and get rid of unrealistic expectations.
  • We hope that you can do a good job to further your health and cherish medical resources.
  • We hope that you care for the needs of other patients and take care of one another.
  • In order to save medical resources, one should see a doctor on time and pay for the expenses which include health insurance expenses

Our Promises

Strengthening the order function between: Automa-tization of drugs withdrawal.

Complete check-in/out services

  • Simplification of the procedures.
  • Improving the guidance services.
  • Appointment of druggists for drug consultation.
  • Discounts on wards for military personnel family members

Our Policy

Improving the Convenience for Medical Treatment

  • Installing vending machines and ATMs
  • Establishment of a branch of Land Bank
  • Many lines of buses and shuttle buses arrive at the Hospital for higher convenience.
  • Continuous recruitment of voluntary workers to help the interactions between the Hospital and the com-munities.
  • A shopping street is established to help patients and the visitors.

Future Plans

  • To improve medical services in the communities.
  • To establish a nursing room at the clinic area.
  • Establishment of Burs Centers.

High Quality Examinations and Treatments

  • CAT scan
  • MRI

We appreciate your comments

Your comments and ideas on the Hospital are always welcomed and we will treat them as our references for improvements in the future. Please let us have your ideas so that our services will further meet your require-ments.

  • Address: No. 168 Chong Shin Road, Lungtan, Taoyuan County
  • Phone: +886-(03)-479-9595
  • Voice registrations: +886-(03)-479-9999 (24 hours a day)
  • Manual registration: +886-(03)-499-1668
    (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. on Saturdays)
  • Complaint: +886-(03)-4801601
  • URL: https://www.aftygh.gov.tw/

I. Taoyuan Bus

Take the bus heading for Lungtan at the Rear Taoyuan Train Station and depart at the Hospital.
Take the bus heading for Taoyuan and depart at the Hospital.Chongli Bus: Take the bus heading for the Hospital at the Chongli Train Station and depart at the Hospital. (either through Lungtan or Huangnitang)

II. By Car

(Upward) Depart from Lungtan Intersection of Northern Second Highway and drive for five minutes to Taoyuan.
(Downward) Depart from Taxi Intersection of Northern Second Highway and drive for ten minutes to Lungtan.

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